The Red Light Library is a sex-positive erotica review podcast dedicated to giving the coolest, wackiest, weirdest short stories their moment in the spotlight! Tune in each Tuesday to hear us bring the irreverence and comedy necessary to review absurd, wonderful dirty stories.


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Since launching on Valentine’s Day in 2017, the show has matured and shifted in construction but we’ve remained committed to our core mission statement: If something is fun and it doesn’t hurt anyone else, go for it! As we encounter more and more amazing people in the sex-positive community we’re more and more aware of the importance of safe and responsible retailers, and we want to use our platform to help promote them.

Our current projects:

The Red Light Library

A weekly sex-positive review of short erotica found for sale online, giving the small and mighty their moment in the reviewer spotlight usually taken by hoards of samey 400 page novels with topless muscle-bound men on the covers.

With a series of rotating co-hosts the show seeks to find the wildest, wackiest, and sometimes weirdest stories out there. We celebrate the good, coach the unfinished, and call out the manipulative.

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