Dark Rides: Erotic Disney Theme Park Adventures | Erotica Review

dark rides thumb.jpg

CW: MFM, FM, D/S, spanking, public, unprotected sex

Disney World gets a bit less magical and bit more horny as Gavin and special guest Alice White review Blu Carson’s 200 page epic about an author self-insert character getting into a variety of interesting sexcapades inbetween rants about how the park used to be cooler.

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Pumpin’ The Pumpkin| Erotica Review

pumpin pumpkin tumb.jpg

CW: unprotected sex, anal play, foodplay?

Ever carve a pumpkin and think “I need to get my genitals all up in that business”? The protagonist of this story did, for whatever reason. Tune in to hear Gavin in his first solo episode of the RLL try to come to terms with a story so confusing he constructs an elaborate headcanon to have it make sense.

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Melting Her Ice: A First Time Lesbian Romance| Erotica Review

hockey thumb.jpg

CW: unprotected sex, public, age gap

Welcome to the improved second season of the Red Light Library! It’s exactly the same except I fixed some editing problems and stopped using bad recordings. Thrilling.

This is the part where I wish I knew enough about hockey to make some sick puns, but I don’t so… just imagine I said something super funny involving a double entendre on penalty box. Victoria joins us to discuss a hockey themed erotica that clocks in at 18,000 words and leaves us colder than an ice rink.

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Karta Monstra: Hunter’s Tale (Tales of Gentalia Book 6)| Erotica Review

karta monstra thumb.jpg

CW: unprotected sex, non-human, fusion, expansion, masturbation

Grab your deck and cradle those balls, it’s time to review another CB Archer piece with Stan! Also there’s a five minute intro where I bare my soul a bit and announce the future of the series, if that does anything for ya.

It’s the “season finale” of Red Light Library! The audio quality is a bit off in this one, but I’ll explain that during the first few minutes. Thanks to everyone for sticking around for a year of awesome erotica reviews, I can’t wait to find some more wacky stuff to bring your way.

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Casting Couch Virgins | Erotica Review

casting thumb.jpg

CW: unprotected sex, anal, oral, teen, older male,

Strip down and feel your skin stick to the fake black leather, because we’re reviewing a story firmly set in the “fake casting call” porn meme! Jackie returns (finally) for a unique review: She’s read the story, Gavin has only consumed it via audiobook… and the audiobook adds a certain special flavor.

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