Desires of the Deep (College of United Monsters book 1)| Erotica Review

CW: non-human, monster, unprotected sex,

The RLL is now two years old, what better way to celebrate than to review another story by friend of the show C.B. Archer? Join Jarred and Aiya as they walk the prestigious halls of the College of United Monsters, reviewing a delightful short story about monster fuckin’

Also, our Discord server is now live! Wanna hang out with the librarians and other fans of the Red Light Library? Join here!

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Karta Monstra: Hunter’s Tale (Tales of Gentalia Book 6)| Erotica Review

karta monstra thumb.jpg

CW: unprotected sex, non-human, fusion, expansion, masturbation

Grab your deck and cradle those balls, it’s time to review another CB Archer piece with Stan! Also there’s a five minute intro where I bare my soul a bit and announce the future of the series, if that does anything for ya.

It’s the “season finale” of Red Light Library! The audio quality is a bit off in this one, but I’ll explain that during the first few minutes. Thanks to everyone for sticking around for a year of awesome erotica reviews, I can’t wait to find some more wacky stuff to bring your way.

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