Pumpin’ The Pumpkin| Erotica Review

pumpin pumpkin tumb.jpg

CW: unprotected sex, anal play, foodplay?

Ever carve a pumpkin and think “I need to get my genitals all up in that business”? The protagonist of this story did, for whatever reason. Tune in to hear Gavin in his first solo episode of the RLL try to come to terms with a story so confusing he constructs an elaborate headcanon to have it make sense.

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The Sexorcist | Erotica Review

daddy thumb

CW: ghost, nightmare, public, oral

When a hypnotherapist encounters a patient haunted by a menacingly sexual spinoff of the Slenderman, things get spooky (and occasionally sexy). Join scare-hunters Gavin and Jackie as they crack open this genuinly creepy horror story and find some unexpected comedy, sex, and heartwarming moments.

Jackie almost cried at one bit, don’t tell her I told you that.

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Gettin’ Funky with the Pharaoh’s Mummy | Erotica Review

funky mummy.jpg

CW: cartoon violence, death

We kick off Hallow-tober (Oct-ween?) with a little piece of erotica about everyone’s favorite 1970s “we have no time or money” costume: a mummy!

Find out what happens when a chick from Ohio digs into a pyramid and wakes up King Tut (but big and sexy, not all tiny and the product of incest like real life).

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