My Valentine’s Day Ghost | Erotica Review

CW: Non consent for one brief scene, nonhuman, ghost, invisible, unprotected sex, oral

Join Victoria and Gavin as they discuss what COULD have been a fun romantic story about a hard-working single woman getting her rocks off with a fun ghost friend. Instead we get this confusing hodge-podge of what happens when a horror erotica writer tries to be sweet and fails at it.

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Melting Her Ice: A First Time Lesbian Romance| Erotica Review

hockey thumb.jpg

CW: unprotected sex, public, age gap

Welcome to the improved second season of the Red Light Library! It’s exactly the same except I fixed some editing problems and stopped using bad recordings. Thrilling.

This is the part where I wish I knew enough about hockey to make some sick puns, but I don’t so… just imagine I said something super funny involving a double entendre on penalty box. Victoria joins us to discuss a hockey themed erotica that clocks in at 18,000 words and leaves us colder than an ice rink.

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